XCCESS Xccess_Twist_GreyWhite 225 W Hand Blender

XCCESS Xccess_Twist_GreyWhite 225 W Hand Blender

Product Code: XCCESS Xccess_Twist_GreyWhite 225 W Hand Blender
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Bring home the jenie! An ergonomically designed Xccess 225W Hand Blender is modern jenie that will finish off our kitchen chores in an eye-blink. It has a body made up of high quality with a brass pipe & 3 stainless steel blades for making purees, shredding, blending & mincing. The length of the brass pipe ensures ease in using the blender. The stainless steel blades of Xccess 225W hand blender are sharp & very effective to give perfectly blended shakes & soups. The blades are detachable, hence easing the cleaning process. The mounting stand helps in keeping the blender handy & the kitchen remains clutter-free. The soup jar/tumbler and a chutney attachment are included in the package. The R.P.M. of the blender is 12000-14000 approximately. It has two speeds – low & high, which makes it perfect for all the functions in the kitchen. Accessories for your convenience – 1) The Mincer Blade – It chops, minces, liquidizes, mashes, makes vegetable purees and also makes light dough. Ingredients should be cut up to pieces before placing into the container. Place the stem in the ingredients and work it around the container. In a couple of seconds, you will get the desired consistency. 2) The Grating Blade – It is used for liquids. For example – cocktails, milkshakes, buttermilk, lassi, curd, soup, etc. The six openings in this design are designed to achieve an optinal of ingredients in a few seconds. Use low speed when working with solids and high speed for liquids. 3) The Beater Blade – It whips, beats and aerates cream. It is also used for making cake dough. Its warped shape allows emulsifying liquids and cutting through the air with every rotation. Move the blender slowly up and down and lilt slightly to work air into the liquid / paste. Be careful to not raise the blade over the surface of the mixture. Use a tall and narrow container for best result. 4) Wall Mounting Stand – Mount the stand on your kitchen wall so that the blender is handy, safe and dry. The mount has provision for fitting. 5) Spatula – A spatula is used to remove the contents from the jar, tumbler or a container. Usage, Care and Cleaning – 1) To start a blender, press the switch to position “|” for slow speed and position “

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